air bnbI have just discovered airbnb – a website for booking all sorts of interesting accommodation options, and not just rooms at other people’s homes, which is what I was expecting!

Our first booking is in a converted barn – a self-contained unit with en suite bathroom and a small kitchenette.  It’s close to a relatives wedding venue, much cheaper than a hotel in the area, which are in fact all sold out, and hence why I started looking for alternative places to stay.

I have already found amazing apartments for our travels to Croatia, and am searching for little hidden gems to stay as we travel through France and Italy.

My favourite so far is a beautiful Romany gypsy caravan in Cheshire – just £19 per night.

Airbnb is free to join – and if you sign up through my own referal link, you can get £16 / £25 credit for your first stay, (Free night in Thailand, anyone?).  I’ll also get £16, and whilst I will probably spend it wisely, perhaps I could save up for one night in Monaco


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