No4 Brambridge: Progress at 28.02.2021

No4 Brambridge:  Progress at 28.02.2021

Two months have passed since the last video update of our renovations at Brambridge House, and so this evening I’ve made another walk through video of our progress.

In the past few weeks we’ve made yet another change to the layout, but finally we are very happy with the ‘final’ version. No4 Brambrigde is now a very luxury two bedroom flat, each bedroom with its own dressing room and ensuite, a beautiful kitchen and lounge.

Big changes have happened in the past couple of months, with the building site starting to resemble a home and the very exciting addition of pink paint!

Watching back the video I made on new years eve has shown just how far we’ve come, but I’ve also realised in the midst of being so busy with these recent projects there are no videos of the ‘before’ videos uploaded on to YouTube, so that’s next on the agenda to do.

In the mean time, if you haven’t seen what an absolute beast of a project we started with, check there are some photos on our blog pots, ‘a photographic tour of our dream home

So here it is – another instalment of the dodgey home video updates. It’s a good job I’m half decent at my real job – I’ld never make it in social media,

Or public speaking!


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