No5 Brambridge – A Video Tour of Our 10th Renovation Project

No5 Brambridge – A Video Tour of Our 10th Renovation Project

It’s been a little too long since I updated this blog, but it’s neglect has come with very good reason; our 10th renovation project has begun and we are busy restoring another derelict shell.

Although our current home is still a rather dusty and cold building site, and we have a half finished project in Spain which we desperately wish to complete, (and visit for a rest!)  the opportunity arose to buy No5, the beautiful apartment next door, so we jumped in, feet first, and have been trying to keep our head above water ever since!

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If you follow our renovation progress on Instagram, you will have seen that we are steaming ahead with No5.  We even hope to have central heating tomorrow!    No5 is  yet another property that we have bought with no kitchen or bathroom, but it was actually in a much better overall condition than No4.  It even has one very beautiful  room which was by many other peoples standards,  ‘done’.  Sadly for Darren, this room is by no means up to the Metcalfe standard, so it will require renovating, too.

I took this video back in May when we got the keys to our 10th renovation project.  Our aim is to have the apartment complete by February 2020, which currently looks pretty do-able.   In between we hope to get the bathroom and one bedroom completed in No4, as we’ve only managed to restore the kitchen in 4 so far…

We will be renting No5 once it is completed, so if you fancy living in Brambridge House do give me a shout.  Otherwise, please enjoy yet another amateur video.  There is little speaking this time, but as ever, my flip flops are flapping around!


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