Our Eighth Renovation Project: Braeside Road

Braeside Road during Renovations

It’s been a year since we completed our eighth renovation project and I’ve realised I  still haven’t shared the end result.  So this evening, I shall be doing just that.

Our eighth renovation project, Braeside Road was another neglected three bedroom semi in Southampton.   Like Thorold Road, this property was in a poor state.  A repossession, filled with junk, and some very interesting articles, it needed a complete overhaul to turn it into a beautiful home.  In total it took us six months to transform this house.  In real terms the majority of the work was finished within just eight weeks.  We just so happened to scoot off to Spain for a while.

Because of the state of the property, it was deemed un-mortgageable.  Undeterred, we decided to take our first gamble on a bridging loan.  It paid off.   This gamble ultimately gave us the confidence to purchase our dream home, but that’s a story for another day.  For now, let me share with you some pictures of Braeside Road.

Our Eighth Renovation Project

Kitchen & Dining Room

The original kitchen could only be described as awful.  With it’s horrific sink and ugly brown units, boring multicoloured tile and peach painted walls it required more than a little bit of TLC.

kallarp two tone kitchen before renovation

We replaced the sad, dated kitchen with a really modern two tone kitchen from Ikea.  We opted for the Kallarp cupboard range and used the turquoise colour for low units and had above surface green units on the back wall.  It took a while to convince Darren to blow the tile budge for something a little bit different, but the two tone units combined with blue and white patterned tiles from B&Q and black appliances and accessories created a beautiful modern kitchen look.  The only thing I would change is the light shade, but we had a budget to stick to for the renovation and expensive lighting was not a priority for a rental property.

our eighth renovation kitchen - blue and green ikea kallarp

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Before our eighth renovation project began, a horrible pink and blue bathroom left you feeling dirtier coming out than going in!  Fortunately we never needed to use the facilities because it wasn’t our home, and we were quickly able to remove all trace of the ghastly room.

I had hoped to fit a freestanding roll top bath, but despite removing the airing cupboard to create a slightly larger bathroom it wasn’t practical to do so.  Instead we installed an L-shaped bath with shower over, and bought the matching sink and toilet.  I hate toilets which show the bendy pipe (or donkey dick as is know in  our home) so my choice of bathroom was influenced by this. We bought the suite together with radiator from soak.com which supplies really reasonably priced bathroom furniture.  Their prices meant we were able to create a modern bathroom for less than £1000!

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Pulling up the ghastly rug and replacing with the laminate flooring used throughout the house, together with a fresh lick of paint made all the difference in the lounge of our eighth renovation project.  We kept the original fireplace, painting the surround to match the rest of the wood work in the house.  Although we considered replacing the broken poppy tiles with those used in the kitchen we left it as original.

The furniture we had brought with us from Boston Court didn’t really fit, but it did the job.  We rarely spend time in the lounge anyway, but it was cosy enough when we did.

eighth renovation project lounge before

Lounge MakeoverLounge makeover - Ikea sofa bed

Master Bedroom

Like the rest of any house for us, minimal, clutter free bedrooms are a priority.  Fr this reason,  we’re huge fans of the Ikea Hemnes range.  I’s reasonably priced and looks good.  This renovation we also bought some of the Ikea pax wardrobes – and what a revelation there are.  Inside the cupboards is plenty of hanging space, together with built in drawers, which meant we only needed a bed and sideboards for this room.

Minimalistic Bedroom Makeover with Ikea Furniture | Metcalfemakeovers

Ikea Hermes Range Bedroom Furniture | Metcalfemakeovers

Guest Bedroom

Another minimalistic bedroom, we actually added a suspended ceiling to this room to hide the supporting beam near the window.  Sometimes it’s the subtle changes which make all the difference.

Braeside Guest Bedroom Before Renovation

Braeside Guest Bedroom Renovation


Looking back at the photo’s today, I’m actually quite amazed at the difference we made to the entrance of the house!  I’m equally amazed at the taste of the previous owners, and I do wonder if we will ever come across lilac woodwork again.

In this space, we replaced the front door (read more below), added a balustrade and neutralised the walls and floors to match the rest of the property.   We also built a cupboard under the stairs, because everyone likes a bit of extra storage!  Like the kitchen, the only thing I dislike is the light shade.

Front Door

The original front door was definitely in need of replacement.  Luckily for me, it’s Darren’s trade so we fitted a gorgeous duck egg blue composite front door in place of the yucky wooden one.  To let in extra light we made removed some bricks and made the little window a long side panel.  As we carry on renovating properties, I’m working my way through the 13 different colours that our company, Buildmydoor, supply.

If you fancy your own new door, I’ll just subtly point your in the right direction: buildmydoor.co.uk

Garden & Outside

Reposessions and awful gardens tend to go hand in hand.  Which is a shame.  Darren and I are useless at them.  We tidied the house and gardens up as much as possible with a small budget.  Much like the inside of a property, a lick of paint and damn good clean goes a long way.

I don’t seem to have too many pictures of the finished exterior but these photos should give an idea how far we improved the place.

Renovating for a quick resale or rental is such a different ball game to renovating for yourself.  Sacrifices need to be made which mean some things aren’t quite as I would like.  That said, I’m really pleased how Braeside turned out.

You can get a real glimpse of the property in its original state by watching the video I made last year : Renovation Eight Begins



  1. markjpearce
    January 15, 2019 / 10:22 am

    Living just a few doors down we watched your renovation with interest. It is great to be able to see what you have done, the outside of the house looks so much better now.
    (I have only just found your blog after trying to find some older photos of Braeside Road from when the houses were built on Google).

    • Victoria
      January 16, 2019 / 8:04 pm

      Hi Mark

      Thank you. Yes, it’s amazing what a lick of paint and tidy up can do to the outside of a property, though as you can see the inside needed slightly more work!

      Did you manage to find some old photos?

      • markjpearce
        January 17, 2019 / 10:14 am

        Hi, Yes it is, we have been here for almost 2 years, lived with the house as it was but have recently started to make it our own.
        I haven’t found any old pictures yet, I was hoping to find some from when they were first built late 30’s early 40’s as I believe there was originally access across the railway to the river etc, and also interested in how the windows looked.
        Do you still own the house or did you sell on once finished?

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