Project Pego: Our Eight Month Video Update

A video update of our Spanish town house renovation after eight months work

Finally, the eight month video update of our renovations at Project Pego is here!

I couldn’t believe when I checked on Wednesday; it’s been just over a year since I updated the blog with a progress report from Pego. It’s been even longer since I made a video update, so today’s post is long overdue.

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2018 saw us super busy trying to make our new home in the UK habitable.  Trips to Spain were few and far between, and the trips we did make to saw us spending more time enjoying the sun rather than picking up tools. But that’s the idea of a holiday home, right?!

Renovation Progress after Eight Months

Despite the lack of visits to Spain, we did makes some major improvements to our town house in 2018. The main living space is now ready for the kitchen we ordered this week to be installed.  The room has been boarded out and painted. The first fix electrics and plumbing has been installed, and we’ve laid laminate flooring and underfloor heating.  We’ve opted for a black kitchen with oak worktops for this renovation.  At the moment, we’re using our utility room as a kitchen – I cannot wait until we start to install our kitchen later this month.  It will also be great to finish the utility room.

Back in the autumn, Darren made a solo trip to Spain where he began to build a new entrance porch.  It’s stopped the water pouring in during the occasional rainy days so there is no more soggy mail. It’s ready to be rendered, and then we can install a new front door.  We’ve chosen a beautiful grey composite number with side panels to maximise light downstairs.  The door will come from Buildmydoor, of course.  I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of the new porch whilst we were there, though!

Without doubt, the biggest improvement in 2018 was overpaying a local electrician to sign off our  (English) wiring. It’s meant that we can increase the power supply to the house and can now have multiple electrical items on at once without the power cutting out every 5 minutes. We still can’t have everything on, and the power does still trip on occasions, but it’s better than choosing between just one light or the microwave or having hot water!

Our Eight Month Video Update:

So, after a long overdue wait, here’s the video I made this week of our current progress.

I’m hoping our nine month video update will include our fitted kitchen, featuring our first ever kitchen island. We’re also desperate to get the roof terrace tiled, so if we can work hard enough we might just have that finished too.

To see how far we’ve come take a look at some of our previous video diaries by following this link:




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