Renovation Seven Begins: A Cheltenham Puku Caravan Renovation

Our 7th renovation project has begun – we’ve just bought an iconic 1958 Cheltenham Puku caravan to restore.  Darren and I hadn’t even heard of Cheltenham caravans up until a week ago, but a friend suggested we get one.  And in true Metcalfe fashion, we did just that.  On Thursday, we set off with said friend to Brighton and came back with this beauty.


1958 Cheltenham Puku Caravan - Exterior prior to restoration

This Cheltenham Puku Caravan had been in  the hands of  its previous owners for the past 15 years.  They renovated it when they first got it, but its time for another makeover. Although told us that they painted it in a lime wash paint, I suspect it was originally painted white and the wood stain has bled through over the years.

Structurally the caravan appears sound, although there is the smallest amount of water by one of the windows.  The bed/sofa cushions are very firm.  I don’t even think we will need to replace the foam (unless of course it is minging  underneath the fabric.  We’re need to take a good look at the wiring though.

1958 Cheltenham Puku Caravan - original interior

1958 Cheltenham Puku Caravan - Interior prior to renovation


Yesterday, Darren and I spent a few hours clearing our Cheltenham Puku caravan ready to start restoring her.  We’ve taken down the horrid curtains that the previous owners had made (and thrown away the spare fabric they kindly gave us).  The cushions have been removed ready for a lovely new fabric upholstery.  I’m very lucky that this is my stepdads trade so I’ll get lots of help here.  All the cupboards and drawers have been emptied of junk, and the bits that were keeping, including original Poulard awning have been stored away in the garage.

This is how the caravan currently looks:

1958 Cheltenham Puku Caravan - interior stripped back

1958 Cheltenham Puku Caravan - Interior prior to renovation

I’ve been busy  scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, and have joined a few Facebook groups to see what other people have done.  I’ve seen a lovely dandelion clock print fabric which is awesome – its currently top of my renovation plans.  I’m pretty excited to be starting this project. I have a feeling this is going to be a very pretty Chettenham Puku caravan once she’s restored.

If you want to follow our progress, I’ve set up a group on Facebook: 1958 Cheltenham Puku Restoration.  I’ll of course be updating the blog, too.


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