Our Sixth Renovation Begins: A Video Tour

Our 6th Property Renovation

Darren and I have just started our sixth renovation project.  This time, our task is to renovate a two bedroom Spanish town house in Pego, an hours drive from either Alicante or Valencia.  After mum bought her own villa in the town, we pursued the local estate agents online, and fell in love with the house we are now calling our Spanish home.  Having never visited the town before, we put a cheeky offer in on the property the first time we saw it (just 5 days after arriving in Pego).  Much to our surprise, the offer was accepted straight away.

Although perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised that he wanted to get the house off his hands.

The house is in need of a full renovation.  The roof leaks.  The water pipes leak.  There is minimal working electrics.  The electrics which do work cause electric shocks.  Bare wires dangling down are common.    Some plug sockets only work if you have a light switch on.  Others don’t work at all.  There is only hot water in the shower (although this is a new addition – there was no hot water when we moved in).  The toilet doesn’t flush.  The drains are knackered.  And they stink.  Paint is peeling off the wall.  In fact the walls are crumbling.  Some of the windows don’t have glass.  Some of the door frames don’t have doors – this includes external doors.  There is no such thing as central heating, and although we have two fireplaces there are no chimneys.  We also have woodworm.

Here’s a little video I took a few days after collecting the keys to the derelict house that we bought.  It’s the first time I’ve made a video of a home renovation project, and I can’t wait to look back on it next year, when we *hope* to have finished the works!

If you’ve done a similar project, I’ld love you to leave some links below so I can have a look at your progress / achievement.

Video of the Spanish Town House We Bought


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