New Zealand

Probably the most beautiful place on the planet, at least so far as we have explored to date! New Zealand was the last country we managed on our RTW trip back in 2006, before we sadly had to cut our trip short.

We originally planned to spend just a month in New Zealand, but, luckily we had cut short our time in Australia, and managed to find a number of jobs, from broccoli picking in the freezing rain, to repairing snowboards and selling ski passes at Mound Dobson resort, which gave us four months of wonderful memories in this amazing country.

Had we not have had to come home when we did, I don’t suppose I would ever be writing this travel blog – we would probably still be in New Zealand.

Whilst I update my page, check out these pictures from our time spent in the South Island – if you need any persuasion to head to NZ these should do the trick!

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