Bucket List

Everybody should have a bucket list!  A list of things they want to achieve, or places they want to go, or things they want to see.

Heres mine.  And it’s going to grow as I learn about all the amazing things this World has to offer, I’m sure!

Sky Dive

Live in Bangkok

Visit Easter Island

Go to an Opera

Bungee Jump (Darren – not for me, thank you.  I don’t mind jumping down, but I certainly don’t want to be thrown back up!)

Drink a Bloody Mary at every St Regis Hotel

Siam Mary.  Bloody Mary.  St Regis Bangkok, Thailand.  Bucket List Photo
Siam Mary at the St. Regis Bangkok, Thailand

To visit at least 100 countries together (and to get to 20 in 2015) To date:17 /196 Countries in the World

Get an Advanced Open Water Diver licence.  (We got our Open Water Licence in 2006)

Do a Night Dive.

Walk the Inca Trail

See the Pyramids

Go in a Hot Air Balloon (Vic – Darren did this back in 2007)

See the Northern Lights

Eat in a Michellin Starred Restaurant – and eat a 7 course taster menu – with pared wines!

Go to the Galapagos Islands

Go on a yoga / mediation retreat

See a Rhino in the wild

Visit every continent (so far Europe, South East Asia, Australasia) (Vic also America and Africa – if Tunisia counts!!)

Countries Visited.  Map of the World.  Out Travels
The Countries Darren and I have been to date

Go on the American Road Trip my Nan always planned for us to do

Go on a Cruise

Sleep in an Overwater Bungalow

Eat a fish that I catch myself

Give blood

Eat a Champagne Brunch

Sleep at the London St Regis Hotel (sadly, its no longer a St Regis hotel)

Go wine tasting

Wing Walk

Fly first class

Attend Holi Festival in India

See the Taj Mahal

Go to the Grand Canyon

See the 7 New Wonders of the World

Ski or Snowboard in Canada

Meet up with somebody we met travelling in 2006

Drinks with friends.  Koh Chang, Thailand. Backpacking in 2006
Drinks in Koh Chang with Avery and Kim. Never seen since but they will be our friends for life!

See the Eiffel Tower

Surf in Bali

Fly somewhere first class. (Not quite first class, but we have flown business class now)

Learn a new language. Not just the basics.

Find a Koala in the wild.  We never saw one the whole time we were in Australia in 2006!

Climb the summit of a mountain – high up like Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro. We’ve already scaled Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Walk the Great Wall of China.

See Ayers Rock.

Go to the 2018 Rio Olympics.  Hopefully Dani (King) will win another Gold Medal.

Own our own bar.

Stay at the Evason And Mandara in Nha Trang.  I learned to swim and dive in the pool. The pool was AMAZING

Get a degree. In 2006, travelling was more important than my place at Uni, so I gave it up.  But one day I will get that certificate!  (I’m currently looking into an open degree in English and History)

Already ticked off the list

Go travelling – we did this in 2006


RTW Worldwide Travel Journal Planelazy Book
Our travel journal from our trip in 2006

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learning to dive at the beautiful Evason Ana Mandara, Nha Trang, Vietnam. 2006
Learning to dive at the beautiful Evason Ana Mandara, Nha Trang, Vietnam. 2006

Camper van around Australia

stood by our U2 decorated Wicked Campervan.  Backpacking in Australia.  2006
Our U2 Wicked Campervan. Australia 2006


Go on an Elephant Trek

Sat on an elephant.  Chiang Mai Jungle Trek, Thailand.  Backpacking in 2006
Elephant Trek. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 2006

Visit Angkor Wat

Sunrise at Angkor Wat.  Bucket List.  Backpacking.  Travelling
Sunrise at Angkor Wat. 2006

Stay at Plaza Athenee, A Royal Meridien Hotel

Luxury stay at Plaza Athenee, A Royal Meridien Hotel,  Bangkok.  Starwood SPG. 2010
Our stay at Plaza Athenee, A Royal Meridien Hotel, Bangkok. 2010

Go to the Sirocco Sky Bar, Bangkok.

Sirroco Sky Bar. Bangkok, Thailand.  Luxury Holiday.  Drinks overlooking the skyline.
With Tom and Dee at the Sirroco Sky Bar. 2014

What is on yours?  Have I missed something spectacular?!


  1. May 20, 2015 / 8:47 am

    Hi, thanks for the follow! I hope you enjoy our blog. It looks like we currently live in the same corner of the world, planning to both head to another (same!) corner of the world!

    Our bucket list looks somewhat like yours – I will have to come back when I have a bit more time and compare them!

    Just a note: koalas are not bears. Please don’t call them koala bears 🙂 You will get told off in Australia if you use that term!

    • May 21, 2015 / 5:14 pm

      Thanks for the warning – I have now updated my bucket list to reflect this important point! ‘Koala’

      Wherever we are in the world, everyone wants to be swapping with someone else! Our corner is lovely, but I do love exploring all of the others.

      I look forward to your updates. Good luck trying to cross things off your bucket list quicker than they get put on…! x

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