Navy Kitchen Inspiration

Navy Kitchen Inspiration

I’m currently looking for navy kitchen inspiration and ideas for our ninth renovation project.  We’re in the middle of purchasing a beautiful flat in the most incredible location, and I need a kitchen that will do it justice!

Anybody keeping half an eye on Instagram or Pinterest for interior trends will know that dark colours are all the rage at the moment.  We’re looking to go down this route too for a change and although not all the main kitchen suppliers have navy in their product range the choice is certainly growing.

I am still totally loving the current kitchen trend of copper and brass accents.  The style featured heavily when I was looking for a green kitchen and having fitted our last kitchen without any addition of copper.

Because of the age and style of Brambridge House (it’s a flat in part of 18th century manor home) we want to try to be sympathetic to it’s age and it’s original features.  We still want a modern kitchen, but a Rangemaster cooker or similar is a must!  This flat is the biggest property that we’ve bought in the UK but sadly the kitchen size is not reflected in this, even still, there should be plenty of room for all the mod cons.  And a rather large wine rack!

This is what we will be working with.  Our aim is to have the majority of kitchen complete within a month of exchange, although we shall most probably be going over to Spain to buy tiles so we might not have the flooring complete by then.

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These are the kitchens which I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from as we work on our own kitchen design.  Hopefully they inspire you, too.

Hicks Blue Kitchen

Navy Kitchen Inspiration - Little Greene Paint Company

Image Credit:

When I came across this navy kitchen photograph, I was actually looking for wallpaper inspiration on The Little Greene Paint Companies website.  I LOVE the idea of painting the walls the same colour as the cupboard fronts, and can pretty much see this kitchen set up being replicated in front of our kitchen window.  (side note: I also need this stool in my life) Darren has offered to spray any kitchen cupboards the exact colour I want, so this might be a good solution to what I think is (or certainly looks) a pretty expensive kitchen design, although we have recently discovered DIY kitchens, who can  paint your kitchen any colour you like!

Howdens Fairford Navy Kitchen

Howden Navy Kitchen - inspiration for our ninth renovation project

Photo Credit:

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from this photograph – we will also be fitting an L-shaped kitchen with the cooker and sink in similar spaces and I like the idea of replicating the freestanding unit at the dining end of the kitchen to store the bits and pieces we rarely use. I liked this kitchen in the photograph, but having looked at the The Howden Fairford kitchen in person I don’t really like the quality.

Magnet Newbury Midnight Kitchen

Magnet Newbury Midnight Blue Navy Kitchen Inspiration

I first fell in love with navy kitchens when I saw the Magnet Newbury Midnight Kitchen in the show room.  It’s in the top range of kitchens that Magnet sell so really it is a little out of our budget.  It’s actually twice the price of an Ikea kitchen which we would most often opt for, but having been back for a second look you can certainly see why it’s in their expensive list.

Modern Navy Kitchen with Island

Navy Kitchen Inspiration: Studio Muir Haight Kitchen

Image Credit:

Sadly we don’t have nearly enough room for an island in our kitchen, despite this being the biggest property we have bought in Southampton!  It’s a shame as I could just see myself perched on one of those stools with a glass of wine whilst Darren cooked me a nice dinner.

Navy and Copper Kitchen

Navy & Copper Kitchen, Kempshott Road Location

Image Credit: uk

This INCREDIBLE navy kitchen which is part if the wonderful Kempshott Road location house is pretty much everything that I’m looking for in my ideal kitchen for Brambridge House.    In fact, most of the house is an absolute dream and I can see myself getting a lot of inspiration from its design.   Sadly I know we don’t have nearly enough pennies to afford the deVOL kitchen fitted here, but it’s certainly something to aspire too. I would also love one day to turn one Brambridge  in to a shoot location – just once.  It would be awesome to see our renovations in one of the big Interior magazines one day….

deVOL Navy Kitchens

Talking of deVOL, here are some more of their wonderful kitchens – it’s hard not to love them!

deVOL Clerkenwell Shaker kitchen

Image Credit:


pantry blue deVOL kitchen fitted in Balham

Image Credit:

More Beautiful Navy Kitchen Ideas

There are so many awesome examples of blue and navy kitchens on the internet.  Here are a few more which I’ve found whilst I’ve been searching for the perfect navy kitchen for Brambridge House.  I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Do check back soon – I’ll be popping some pictures up of  our 7th kitchen makeover soon!

kitchen painted with farrow & ball Hauge Blue

Image Credit:  Stuart Carberry

navy blue kitchen ideas

Image Credit:

Image Source: Unknown

navy kitchen inspiration

Image Source: Unknown

navy blue kitchen inspiration | metcalfemalkeovers

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  1. Carolyn
    February 22, 2018 / 11:03 am

    I love the use of Navy Blue here. I am adverse to white kitchens even if they are timeless, as they are so hard to keep clean if you have kids and pets

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