200 Days Renovating ‘Project Pego’

200 Days Renovating ‘Project Pego’

As we left Spain during our previous stint in Pego to renovate our Spanish town house, we hadn’t quite reached the seven month video point, but I’ve realised that we had reached a pretty epic milesone in this pretty epic project; we’ve now spent some 200 days renovating Project Pego.

It’s been a difficult 200 days renovating to say the least.  There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears thrown at this project.  Fortunately more tears than blood, which is a miracle as we have completed most of this renovation so far in shorts and flip flops.

We arrived back in Spain a week ago, and as we walked through the door we finally felt we were arriving somewhere that was somewhat homely.  There is still so much to do here that we are by no means nearly finished, however we finally have quite a bit to show for our 200 days renovating!

So, what exactly have we achieved during 200 days renovating?

A bloody lot.  That’s what!

Our Spanish town house is completely different to the cold, empty, leaking, unloved house that we bought back in 2016 – in fact it’s now somewhat homely.  It is however still damn cold, but we have underfloor heating laid for when we can finally get the electricity properly installed.  I was looking back on some of the photos we have taken to date and it really is amazing how much we have achieved by ourselves!  Here is our progress after 200 days renovating:

A New Roof

One of the very first projects that we undertook was replacing the old leaky roof and access door to the roof terrace.  The lovely patio doors now let in a ton of light to the new kitchen/dining room which we’ve now moved to be on the upper floor.

roof before replacement

New Room and patio doors

A Clean & Tidy Roof Terrace

After replacing the old roof, rebuilding the hideous inside wall and refreshing all walls with new render and with a lick of pain has transformed the terrace to a much cleaner and tidier space that we can sit and enjoy our lunch in.  We still need to finish the floor, install a BBQ, and get ourselves some funky furniture, but for now resting for lunch on our picnic bench means we can enjoy a little of the Spanish sun.

Sometimes, at least.

Roof Terrace before renovation

Renovating a roof terrace in Spain

A Beautiful Master Bedroom

To create our bedroom we knocked through the original bedroom which was at the time the nicest room in the house and joined it to the upper level of the stable to create one huge master bedroom.

We re-boarded the entire room except the old stable back wall which we kept as a feature wall.  Whilst I was in the UK,  Darren decided to make a hole for a new window looking our over the orange groves but our neighbours objected so to keep the peace it’s been filled in again.  We’ve installed a new floor in the stable end of the and fitted french doors over the courtyard – eventually we will be adding a Juliette balcony too.

We also want to install a free standing bath, but it’s the least of our priorities at the moment.

We’re currently searching for pretty lights to go above the bed so one end of the room has no lighting, but we do have air conditioning unit which works and doubles up as our only mode of heating in the entire house.   The floor is damn cold – we’ve yet to insulate the ground floor of the stable block so it’s like standing on an ice block at the moment.  Like the rest of the house, we don’t have the correct energy supply to run the underfloor heating but we hope this will be sorted soon.  We have paid a chap £360 for a piece of paper to upgrade our electricity but like everything here in Spain we still have a few more people to track down and pay before we can upgrade.

At least we don’t have a shoes off rule, yet!

10 week progress on our spanish home renovation

Master bedroom progress after 200 days renovating

Master bedroom after 200 days renovating

Our Bedroom Ensuite

Needing only a few finishing touches, our ensuite bathroom is one of the most finished areas of the house.  Although the tile colour isn’t necesariliy what I would have chosen (compromised with Darren on this one)  I love how we manage to create the perfect sink unit to fit the room using a Hemnes Side board and two Tornviken countertop sinks – its a great ‘Ikea Hack’.

Originally we tiled all the walls in white however we went over the back wall with the patterned tiles which we used in the floor and it looks so much nicer.

A Pretty Guest Bedroom & Ensuite

Our guest bedroom is probably my favourite room in the house so far, and I have a feeling I shall be spending a lot of time in there!  Once the courtyard is ready it will be really lovely to open the doors and go straight out to the Although the lights and electricity do not work yet in either the bedroom or bathroom, it’s comfy enough for visitors.  It’s a world away from the old kitchen that used to be in it’s place!

original kitchen of our Spanish house renovation

Guest bedroom progress

A Functional Utility Room

After pushing over both the inside and the outside walls of the utility we rebuilt them to withstand the big bad wolf.  We also raised the floor to bring it level with the kitchen floor.

A quick look at the new utility room gives the first peek at the kitchen we’ve decided to fit – the black Ikea Kungsbacka kitchen range with oak worktops (because as much as I would like marble we cannot afford it).  Originally we wanted to fit a green kitchen, but having fitted a two tone green and blue kitchen in our eighth renovation project, we changed our mind.  And I’m glad.

Having running water, a washing machine and somewhere to wash up dishes has really helped.  The Nespresso coffee machine is also a firm necessity, and with the water softener and boiler up and running we can have a nice, hot shower, without having to descale the shower screen every other day.

Although due to the electricity (or lack of) we’re still only able to have one appliance on at a time…
smashing out external bathroom wall | metcalfememoir.co.uk

A good start on the main living space

We’re currently working on our main living space and it’s incredible to see the amount of progress we have made!  With a new dry roof, large windows either side letting in plenty of light and freshly boarded walls it looks like an entirely different place which is currently undergoing a never ending coat of paint!

I cannot wait to see an open plan kitchen diner in this space – it’s the first renovation we are going to do with an island, and the huge Ikea Kingsbacka kitchen we’re installing will have all the mod cons of everyday life.

loving space in Pego before home renovation - beforeMain living space progressOur Spanish town house renovation kitchen / living space before

Main living space progress after 200 days renovating

What do the next 200 days renovating have in store?

Fingers crossed, the next 200 days renovating will see the finalisation of our most difficult renovation project to date!  To get there, we have the main living space to complete, the stable to transform, the courtyard to tidy, one bedroom and bathroom to build, the downstairs living space to complete, and two sets of bifolds and the front door to install.

It’s a good job the wine is cheap here!

To keep up to date with our progress, follow along on Facebook or Instagram.  You’ll also be able to keep tracks on renovation nine, yet another HUGE project, which I’m really excited to start!

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