Our Instagram Photo Diary: January 2019

Our Instagram Photo Diary: January 2019

During the past year, I've found little time to write as many blog posts as I would have like. Renovating both our corner of an 18th century Manor House, and our holiday home in Spain, along with working full time and a 80 odd mile daily commute has left little time for blog post publishing.  Those I have published, such as the post on our Hicks Blue Kitchen do show just how far we are coming along in our renovation journey.  To keep our friends and family updated in our progress, I've used Instagram a lot in the past year to quickly update our followers on our renovation journey.  To keep my blog up to date, I've realised that I should be able to embed the images Instagram straight on to a post.    To trial it out, here are the photo's which I took in on Instagram January 2019.

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As our Instagram January 2019 photos show, a lot of this month has been spent restoring the Adams ceiling of our spare bedroom which we are currently working on.  The ceiling will probably take most of February to finish, and then we can get on with renovating the rest of the room.  Painting and wallpapering the room with our beautiful Woodchip & Magnolia, installing central heating (which we have found out this very cold and rather expensive month is a necessity) and laying the first permenant carpet!  I cannot wait to move into a bedroom with lighting and electricity and heat!

February will also find us paying a quick visit to Pego.  It's a flying visit to order our black Ikea kitchen, which we hope will be fitted sometime in the Spring.  Living conditions in both Spain and the UK look set to be on the up 😉


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