No Going Back! Month Seven Begins In Pego (Plus a video update of our progress so far)

No Going Back!  Month Seven Begins In Pego (Plus a video update of our progress so far)

Over the years Darren and I have watched many an episode of DIY and home renovation programmes, and our personal favourite ‘No Going Back’ has become the motto for this Spanish town house renovation.  The programme shows couples from England packing up their lives and heading to sunnier climates.  Often   they end up struggling to make ends meet or get stuck in a huge renovation project which needs a whole lot of time, money and dedication.  They struggle along for months and years on end before finally being spat back out alive.  Well, most of them make it…

We often laugh that we are becoming one of those couples.  We have a humongous project which seems to get more and more complicated as time goes on, and which is costing far more than we had ever planned to spend.  Every time we return to Pego after a stint back home in Southampton we have a major melt down.  We question why the hell we are still busting a gut over this house.  We question why the hell we ever put in a cheeky offer on a house in a little town the we had only spent a few hours in.

But, we’ve been back and forth to Pego now enough times to realise there is no point questioning ourselves.  There is no going back.  We are finishers.  It’s just we have a whole lot of finishing to do.

In the past eighteen months we’ve spent six months of our lives renovating this home.  Last week, I shared some photos of the progress we’ve made to date (Project Pego: Progress at Month Six) and because I was asked nicely, I’ve made another video update which you will find below.  I promise I’ll make sure I do one at the end of month seven, Scott!

Plans for month seven

This week, we start our seventh month renovating ‘Project Pego’.  Like our sixth month, we have big plans, and we know that we will pass more huge milestones in the renovation.

As I write this post we are actually a few days in to month seven.  We’ve managed a couple of the jobs we planned to undertake already. So far the tap in the ‘Granny Annexe’ ensuite sink has been fitted, as have a couple of the shelves.  We would love to finish this room by the end of the month.  To complete the Granny Annexe we need to fill and sand the walls, paint them, and install the feature wall.  We also need  to  get electrics sorted and lay the underfloor heating and laminate.  A bathroom door would be great, too!  I’m really looking forward to getting the room ready for friends to stay.  We are also planning on putting it on Airbnb to meet new friends, too.

Since we arrived in Pego we’ve also ordered our utility room furniture.  This means that all bar the utility door which we can’t fit until the kitchen is completed (month eight, maybe?!) the utility room should be up and running, too.

Talking of kitchen, getting the room prepped for the ultimate dream kitchen is high on the priorities this month.  Living in a glorified camp site is really hard work.  There is a lot of work needed to get this huge space ready for kitchen fitting but we hope it will be almost ready in just a few more weeks.  That means installing metal channelling, first fix plumbing and electrics and some how getting plaster board up to the ceiling.    Sorting out the floor level would be good too, but that might be pushing it a little too far.

Project Pego: Month Six Video Progress


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