Project Pego: Our Aims for Month Six

Project Pego: Our Aims for Month Six

After spending the summer in Southampton in which we finished renovation eight, we’re back in Pego .  We’re spending September renovating our Spanish town house, before returing to the UK for renovation nine!  We have high hopes for the cumulation of sixth month spent on renovating this derelict house. The main one being that it is finally ‘liveable’.

At the end of the fifth month of working on ‘Project Pego’  we finally felt like we’d started to make progress.  Project Pego is the most humongous project.  As I put it then, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  It meant we were able to return to England with a master bedroom that actually resembled its namesake.  We also had a bathroom fitted.  Even if the electric and water was not connected, we could at least flush a clean toilet with a bucket of cold water.  Luxury after all this time…

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Whats the plan for month six?

This month, we’re planning to have the second bedroom and ensuite completely finished.  We also want hot water  and electricity connected to both bedrooms and bathrooms.  To enable us to do this, we will also be working on the utility rooms so that we can plumb in the boiler and water softener.

We’ve been back in Pego just over a week.  Since them, we’ve spent one day relaxing  at Mums pool and seven days working on the utility room.  In that time, we’ve installed a suspended floor, completed the first fix of electric and plumbing and dry lined the utility room.  The utility room looks like a totally different space.  It’s amazing seeing the difference flat walls can make, especially when the project has looked like a  building site for so long.

utility room in before renovation pego


preparing the 2nd bedroom for renovation

In the coming week, I’m really hoping that the dry lining will be finished in the 2nd bedroom.  It’s really not that far off.  Fingers crossed the utility room at least is filled, sanded and painted.  Once we get to that stage, the boiler and water softener can be installed.  That my friends will mean the house is habitable.  My books are already on the bedside table.  I’m waiting for the time I can flop onto my beautiful king size bed and breath a sigh of relief.

Why Moving In Will Speed Up Our Renovation?

Once we’re at a stage of being able to move in, I suspect the renovation will speed up a notch.  At the moment, we start renovating after far too long a lie in and a leisurely breakfast.  We usually stop for a long lunch and leave around 7pm.  Although mum lives close by, we waste time during the day travelling to and fro, chatting over lunch and chilling in the evenings.  From our experience of doing up eight properties, living ‘on site’ means we work longer days – especially Darren, who plods on long after I whinge of being tired and hop onto my lap top to blog.  It should mean that we knock a bit off the estimated finish date of Project Pego.

Although despite some big improvements, that finish date currently still feels like never….

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