A Photographic Tour of Our Dream Home

A Photographic Tour of Our Dream Home

The past eight months have whizzed past in a bit of a stressful blur,  but I’m excited to share this evenings post; a photographic tour of our dream home.

Our dream home is a three (soon to be two) bedroom apartment in the converted 18th century manor known as Brambridge House.  It’s the most incredible building which we have dreamed of living in for years.  Darren and I  cannot believe we finally own a piece of this wonderful place.

Like most of our projects, Brambridge House needs a huge amount of work. It’s been years since our apartment has been called a home, but we are working hard to reinstate it’s former glory.  We’ve already completed the first stage of  the project to get the apartment habitable, and we finally moved in a month ago.  It may only be glorified camping here, but it’s a pretty glorious place to be.  Plus, we have some wonderful weather which is making the experience that one bit easier.

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The photographs below were taken during our first viewing (which was a week or so after our offer was accepted)  and a few weeks into the renovation journey.  They aren’t staged, I haven’t moved any mess to make a better photo, and I know the lighting isn’t great.  That is mainly because we have no lighting.  Or plug sockets.  But, as we’re on our ninth renovation and we’re used to that.  I do want a nice camera to take some better shots though, so if anyone can suggest a decent point and shoot, let me know!

The Original Kitchen

The kitchen, or lack of.

Whilst the original floor plans for this property listed this room as a possible bathroom, we always wanted to restore a kitchen to this part of the house.  It has incredible features, is a great size and it’s position in the flat lends itself to a beautiful kitchen-diner.  Plus it has views of the River Itchen.  It’s the perfect spot for a lazy breakfast or having a good catch up with friends over dinner.

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The Original Bathroom

Yes, that is a wallpapered bath and matching pelmet.

The bathroom which I’m sure must have been very fashionable had seen much better days.  It was the priority to renovate so that we could move into Brambridge House but with a tight budget it has seen a quick spruce up. I kind of miss the wallpaper, though…

The Sitting Room

This room is far too incredible to be known as the lounge or front room – sitting room fits the bill perfectly.  It is the incredible Adams ceiling in this room and our neighbours, which has an even more fabulous sitting room which list this entire building from a Grade 2 listed to a Grade 2* listed property.  I am already dreading painting this room.

Master Bedroom

There are currently two quite spacious bedrooms at the front of the apartment, which we intend will one day become one very large master bedroom.  For now, one room makes a comfortable bedroom despite not having any electricity or lighting and the other is a handy store room.

Brambridge House bedroom before renovation

Spare Bedroom

Another room with an intricate ceiling, this bedroom was originally part of one room together with the two front bedrooms and a part of the hallway.  It would have been a huge bright and airy space!  These days it leads to a shared patio and we intend it to be an office come visitor bedroom.  Again the ceiling needs a lot of work but the room itself shouldn’t take too long to restore.  It is currently being used our front room, although we’ve not used it for this purpose, yet.


I love a large open hallway and in time our entrance will be stunning.  The current cluttered photos do little to showcase this area but we have already  removed some of the glass tiles and have uncovered some original art work which is really bringing this area to life.

Grounds & Garden

Brambridge House is set in some 14 acres of gardens, which we’re exploring when we get the chance. Every time we go outside, we spot something new – it wasn’t that long ago we found a little orchard of apples, pears and figs.  There are no shortage of spots to shake out a picnic blanket and pop open a cork.  We’re certainly looking forward to getting this house in a mortgageable state so we can relax and enjoy!

Brambridge House Gardens

Brambridge House - The beautiful grounds

I’ll soon share another post to show that we’ve reached a habitable home,  but if you can’t wait, pop over to the Metcalfe Makeovers Instagram page for real time updates.  There are lots of peeks into our new, almost completed kitchen…


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