Project Pego: Progress at Month Six

Project Pego:  Progress at Month Six

Progress at month six on Project Pego has been immense!  The most exciting news is that our Spanish town house is now habitable.  Finally, over 18 months from picking up the keys, Darren and I have moved back in.  We finally have a clean, safe and functional living space which has really put a spring in our step!

Back in September we had big plans for month six of renovating Project Pego.  Whilst we didn't quite get as far as we anticipated weren't so far off and we are *almost* ready for visitors!

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So what did we actually achieve in month six?

A Flushing Toilet!

In fact TWO flushing toilets!  Quite possibly the most exciting development to date.  We no longer have to fill up buckets from the hose pipe dangling down from the front room ceiling.  We have clean running water to the master ensuite bedroom and second bedroom ensuite.

At the end of the fifth month of renovations we had fitted the master ensuite but it wasn't plumbed in and the electricity wasn't connected  However after a big push this month we have a lot of the first fix in place which has meant that we could finally plumb in the entire ensuite and press that magical button.

Sadly, I don't seem to have a photo of said flushing toilet, but you can be assured of its importance.


The push on the first fix also meant that we finally had lighting in our bedroom, the ensuite and utility room.  To be fair it was a little bit of an anticlimax when Darren wired up that circuit and I flicked the switch.  Nothing happened!  Fortunately it was a minor issue and we soon had our spot lights working.  I haven't decided on what lights to have above the bed yet but we don't need them right now so no need to rush.  There are also working lights in the utility.

utility room spotlights

A Good Start on the utility

The utility is one of the areas which saw the biggest transformation this month.  After building a suspended  floor and cupboard we boarded the entire room, painted it and installed the boiler, water softener, toilet  and lighting.  To make a bit of a feature, we've covered one wall in patterned plaster ceiling tiles. It's really unusual and looks great.  We're currently using the utility room as a makeshift kitchen - although as we don't have a sink except for in the bedroom so we're using disposable stuff as much as possible.


A Clear (ish) living space

We realised just how big our living space will be after giving it a good clean down and arranging our temporary furniture.  We also took out the old chimney and boarded a little more.  Expect big changes here in month seven.  Especially now that we've chosen our kitchen.  And it isn't the green Kallarp kitchen which we thought we wanted earlier in the year...

living and utility progress month six

A solid foundation for finishing the Second Bedroom in month seven

Although we had hoped to have the second bedroom finished during month six it wasn't to be, however all the walls have been boarded (except the back wall which we are covering with ceiling plasterboards squares like in the utility) and we have given it a first coat of paint.

second bedroom month six progress

The Second Bedroom Ensuite

All bar a tap on the sink (which was unfortunately sold out when we went to pick it up) the second bedroom ensuite bathroom is finished.  It's probably my favourite bathroom that we have ever done.  We used the same white tiles as the master ensuite and laid them in a similar fashion, and paired them with yellow pattered tiles for the floor.  This time however, we made a feature by using the floor tiles on the wall.  Its made a really beautiful space.

My Own Way

When we were choosing tiles for the maser ensuite bathroom I told Darren I wanted the back wall tiled with the same patterned tiles that we chose for the floor.  Darren didn't want to do that so we stuck with white walls all round and changed the orientation on just one wall.  When we tilled the downstairs ensuite  with one feature patterned wall , Darren suddenly changed his mind and I now have the feature wall I craved.  It looks b.e.a.utiful!  Sometimes I just have to be patient to get what I want....

Which is something you need a lot of when renovating a Spanish town house!

We're be back in Pego next week to start the seventh month of renovations.  If you want to follow along please like my Facebook page so you get notifications of the next update 🙂



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