A Satisfying Week of Renovation Progress

A Satisfying Week of Renovation Progress

This week has been incredibly satisfying in terms of the renovation progress of our Spanish town house!  When I published my post ‘No Going Back‘ last week, we had hoped to get the ‘Granny Annexe’ or guest bedroom ready for visitors by the end of month seven.  We also wanted to have the utility room up and running.  Both rooms are  now looking great.

The Granny Annexe

In the last week we’ve painted the entire room, laid underfloor heating and laminate flooring and wired up the electrics and lights.  The Granny Annexe has been transformed into a tranquil space.  I keep popping in there just to see a clean and tidy room.  We’ve kitted out the room with and Ikea Hemnes bed frame and matching side tables.  One day, I’ld like to get the complimenting chest of drawers too, but for the time being a chest of drawers we already owned fits perfectly.  The drawers are currently being used to store our bedding and towels whilst we try to implement some storage areas in the renovation.  We didn’t really think that through enough before!

The room still needs a little work.  The ensuite door needs finishing and we need to install a new bedroom door.  This wont be until we start renovating the rest of the ground floor though.  We also need to fit one more spotlight and actually wire up the lights and underfloor heating so that they turn on.

A trip to Ikea in the week (to order a kitchen – hurrah!) will probably see use pick up some bedside lights and another chest of drawers to pop in the corridors.  As we hope to Airbnb the room it will be a perfect place to have a kettle and a few snacks.  Of course there will also be a nice bottle of wine so our guests can enjoy the courtyard.

Renovation Progress - Guest Bedroom

Utility Room

The other area of renovation progress this month is the utility room.  We’ve never actually had a utility room in any of our homes before so it’s a little bit exciting.  I must be getting old.

Originally we had planned to make the utility room a bathroom, but seeing as we have ensuite bathrooms  to the bedrooms this really isn’t necessary.  Instead, we have installed a toilet, the boiler and water softener across one wall, and have a bank of cupboards and the washing machine on the opposite wall.

We’ve also decided against installing a green kitchen as we installed one in our eighth renovation.  Wanting to do something different again we we’re a little stuck with ideas until a trip to Ikea last month saw us fall in love with a black and oak kitchen.  I’m not really a fan of oak worktops.  I don’t think its terribly hygienic, but a mix of marble or granite on the island with some oak is a perfect compromise. We’ve installed the matching cupboards and worktops in the utility and it looks really lovely, so I’m really looking forward to completing the kitchen in the next couple of months.

Although we have the sink in place I didn’t like the tap we originally bought so its not been installed.  We should have one after our next trip to Ikea in the week.  It will be great to be able to wash up here – currently we cart our washing up to my mums.  It’s a pain in the arse!

The utility also still needs skirting and a splash back, and I’m currently shopping for the perfect washing baskets.  I like shopping for accessories!

Renovation Progress - Utility Room

The Next Phase of Renovation Progress

The next few renovation progress reports will come from the living space.  Darren assures me that the room will be fairly easy to complete. I beg to differ.

The room needs to be dry lined and painted.  It’s the tallest area of the house so I do wonder how he’s going to get sheets of plasterboard up.   I’m also a bit scared of hanging off a ladder to paint the beams.  But I’m very excited to fit the kitchen.  I do love making Ikea flat pack cupboards.  Although this time we are going  to  have quite a lot of cupboards to make!

Getting the living space organised will make such a change.  We’re hoping that the room will be completed (bar the snag list) by the middle of January.  Just in time for our first guests to arrive!

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