Will This Be Our Ninth Renovation Project?

Will This Be Our Ninth Renovation Project?

Here it is – a sneak peak at what we hope will become renovation number nine!

Today, we went for a second viewing of the next project Darren and I have lined up.  We’ve had an offer accepted on a little semi detached cottage in Wales, so after our upcoming six week stint in Spain working on Project Pego, we’ll be heading to wetter climates for while.

Obviously, we’re in very early stages, and lots can change, but there is lots of excitement at Metcalfe Makeovers HQ.  We have BIG plans for this tired and worn down cottage.  I’m thinking all things pretty;  slate tiles, limestone flooring, roll top baths and floral wallpaper.  Darren is more concerned about the obvious bulging external walls, the soaking wet internal walls and the hideous wonky floors.

Why Wales?

Why not?  Like most of our renovation projects, it was a spur of the moment decision to buy in Wales, but probably the one we’re most excited by.

Last week we drove across the border with six properties lined up to view.  This cottage wasn’t on the list, but after a quick stop over in the local pub where we discovered this gem, we managed to sneak in a last minute viewing.  We loved it enough for an offer to be on the table within 20 minutes!

We’re now spending our evenings trying to find out more about the cottage we’re buying.  Finding out it’s age would be a great help both to help with knowing what the repairs are likely to entail, and to know how to sympathetically restore to make her look beautiful.   We’ve been told 100 years old and 300 years old.  Either way, it has a 50 year old interior that needs to be urgently rectified , but we hope by next summer (OK – Darren says winter) were have a beautiful Welsh Cottage to call home.

We’ll, at least until we decided on where to head for renovation number 10…..


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